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Friday, September 03, 2004

Grr, Argh!

Articulate, aren't I? What can I say, it was day two of orientation/registration, I didn't get lunch to speak of, and I stayed nearly two hours late, the last one in the building, by far and missed racquetball in the process. I never planned on being a registrar, and yet here I am. And I misplaced a fairly important piece of plastic. I'll have to search my car in the morning.

Due to the long and stressful nature of my day, no knitting or writing was accomplished. But I had another nice dinner at Taj Mahal and I have the luxury of a three-day weekend stretching ahead of me, so I'm sure I'll make up for lost time. Meantime, I'm thinking about bed before 10 pm on a Friday night (not that that's too unusual).

This is going on this weekend; it's a good craft show, I just need to decide how crowd-tolerant I'm feeling this weekend. Maybe I'll wait 'til Monday, it'll be somewhat depleted, but the crowds may be thinner as well. I like looking at black and white photography and textiles most of all, though there are usually any number of other things that catch my eye along the way.

This was a good idea, although I'm still more than ready to go to bed, I'm definitely in a better mood than I was prior to posting. Thanks for letting me vent.


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