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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Goodbyes and City Adventures

My boss had her going away party and slightly early last day today. She only became my boss a few months ago, but we've worked together for over four-and-a-half years. She has been a good friend and soundingboard during that time, and I'm going to miss being able to pop into her office and say hi. But she's leaving for a wonderful opportunity and starting her new job by jetting off to Europe for a week.

I gave her the red eyelash scarf (which I did NOT photograph) wrapped around a couple of boxes of Coffee Nips (she got four boxes all told). She was pleased, though I did give her an out and told her she wasn't obligated to wear it. I know we'll probably stay in touch, but I don't know about the impending transition. I'll survive, but it won't be particularly comfortable. Have I mentioned that "Registrar" is not my ideal job title?

To prepare myself for this uncomfortable transition, I'm going to visit my sister in New York. We'll spend a day wandering around Manhattan and another day plus in Brooklyn. We don't spend a ton of time together, so this should be nice. I don't have any real itinerary planned, but I found a list of yarn shops, so I'll probably visit a couple. I'm also going to take my point-and-shoot camera and a couple of rolls of film. I'd thought about taking my manual camera, but I don't feel like drawing extra attention to myself. Maybe I still will, depends on what else I take and what bag I use. I hate packing, even though I supposedly enjoy traveling, go figure.

There probably won't be any updates while I'm away, but for my possible audience of one, I'll fill you in when I get back on Sunday. Have a nice weekend.


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