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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Reading Washing Silver

This has been an asocial weekend. I know, most of my weekends are, but this time I could have gone and knit with people and to a birthday party and I did neither. Socializing seemed like an effort I just couldn't handle. That's not to say I didn't go anywhere or do anything.

I spent four hours this afternoon at my local Borders reading my manuscript copy of Washing Silver. I haven't read it through for a couple of years, since a couple of months after turning out the first draft, really. It needs work. Whole sections should probably go, along with lots of little things. Major character development is required, the same goes with dialogue and conflict. That being said, I don't hate it. I think the story itself is fairly strong. I just need to strip it back to the framework and rebuild from there. I just hope I'm ready enough to get back to writing to be able to do it. The start would be to make the changes I identified today, I suppose. Haven't done that yet.

Knitting is coming in dribs and drabs these days. I'm doing something every day, but in small amounts. I'm almost to the heel flap on my mom's second sock and just about done with the fourth cable repeat on Big Sack. (This scant progress is probably part of why I didn't go knitting today, but only part.)

I hope all you Knit NYers had good luck and fun at the sale this weekend. I got the email this evening, not that I would have made it to Manhattan this weekend.


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