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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two More Weeks

We are getting a lot of heavy, wet snow right now and it's supposed to last for a couple of days, I believe. I am in the mood for an alone day. I have the day off, which makes it a bit easier, but I'm living in a building with lots of other people, which makes it more difficult.

I did get some alone time this morning, at the top of the building in a room made mostly of windows, until I was kicked out fairly nicely because it was about to be used for a meeting.

Two weeks from today I will be driving off the property and heading for the Mass Turnpike headed west. I'm ready. I'm sure I'll get a few more good and useful experiences under my belt in the next couple of weeks, but I'm ready to rejoin life at large and get back to my space and my family and Ebbie, and all of the ups and downs that go along with all of them.

Sleeping in a room with one other person, rather than nearly twenty will be heaven. Eating food prepared for two instead of two hundred, also wonderful. Not living with my coworkers, priceless.

I've had a good experience here overall, but I'm glad I decided to come for two months rather than more. I am too independent and solitary to be able to live and eat and work in such close quarters for too long.

Besides, I'm having a hard time knitting here. I'm still on the sock I started the day I arrived, I haven't finished the hat I started weeks ago, it's quite unnerving. I'm not writing either, as evidenced by the sparse output of the blog, even though I have the ease of the laptop.

Hope all are well, Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans, at home or abroad. I'll be having turkey soup in the basement on Thursday, drink a glass of wine for me, if you do that sort of thing.


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