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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

So, 2006 was a weird year. A 5 year relationship ended (or at least changed dramatically), I moved out on my own again, I had a variety of personal upheavals. I temped all year long, had more time off than I would have liked (and the w-2s will reflect it), and didn't use any of it to travel, because when I wasn't working, I wasn't earning any income.

I spent a lot of time battling anxiety, and not necessarily winning those battles. I spent a lot of time at home alone in my apartment because I was too anxious to get out and interact with people, especially strangers. At this point I'm still dealing with the anxiety completely on my own, but I have considered my options, so maybe that's progress. So is not bursting into tears much over the past month.

I got stuck in New Jersey during February's blizzard, and ended up having a nice day with an old friend at the Museum of Natural History.

I ran out of gas for the first time in my life while taking myself out to lunch on my birthday in July, and was extra-thankful for AAA+ that I always get but rarely use.

I didn't do much writing, I only got 5000 words or so into NaNoWriMo this year, and I haven't been very consistent otherwise either (as readers here well know).

I got rid of quite a bit of stuff, and continue to try to get rid of more.

My two big 'interacting with strangers' moments this year came at MDS&W and W2W. I enjoyed myself at both of them, but neither were without their jitters.

I made progress on the fear-of-public-speaking front during one of my temp assignments, when I had to make group presentations several times.

Overall, I can't say it was a bad year, it just had a lot going on, internally as well as externally.

There were a few moments I have no desire to relive, and a few too many hours spent in anxiety-imposed solitude, but for the most part, I'm fine with the choices I made and the direction I've moved.

I'm sorry this is so disjointed, but I just wanted to get it out without thinking too much about it and risking over-analysis.



At 9:27 AM, Blogger Lolly said...

I love to think back about our time at MDSW - I am happy that we were able to hang out this year ;)

Happy new year, Faith!


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