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Friday, December 05, 2003

Snow Day

Yep, sitting in the midst of the storm that's hitting the Northeast. Work closed at 11 so I'll probably spend the afternoon quilting or knitting, but not necessarily writing. I'd like to say I will, but snow tends to distract me. I keep looking out the window to see what the flakes are up to now. Yes, I know I'm odd.

My quilt top is pretty. It's not quite sqare because I was paranoid and didn't follow the teacher's instructions, but I like it. I'm going to try to have it tied this afternoon. I could have gone for machine quilting, but I like the way tied quilts look, and the whole straight seam thing tends to elude me.

I should spend the afternoon walking in the snow, I need to get more exercise, but spending time curled up under my project seems like a much better idea right now.

I need to find mittens. I don't know if I lost them or just put them in some strange spot, but I can't find them, and I was reminded of my need as I was shaving my car this morning to go in for my three-hour day.

I want pretty yellow rain boots, but the place I knew that had them didn't have them in my size, curse my tiny, child-like feet! Oh, well, I could search more, or I could stick to my brown leather german boots that I pull out when the weather gets cold. I love these boots and they're finally broken in enough so that they don't rub the back of my legs raw anymore.

I have a cat nursing on my shoulder, seems like a sign that I should wrap it up.


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