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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Umm...Is This Thing On?

I knew it had been a while since I'd posted, but I didn't think it had been quite that long! Sorry to anyone out there who still even wonders whether I am going to post again. I've been in a sort of self-imposed exile for a while. I go to work, I visit Will, and occasionally I go to Market; anxiety'll do that to a girl.

I think I'm making progress, though. This morning I went to the newly re-opened Eastern Market, bought tons of vegetables and spent some time actually conversing with strangers about what a good thing it is for the city (trust me, me conversing with strangers is HUGE.). Then I walked back down toward my regular market and walked past the steps of the old courthouse, at least that was the plan. However, the regular peace vigil (which, unfortunately, I always forget about) there was going on, and I couldn't just walk past. So I stood on the steps for the remaining fifteen or twenty minutes of it. Not much maybe, but I like to think it was something toward the good.

I finished my shopping at market and a new little bakery, and walked home. If I'm going to walk those extra few blocks, I really need to wear better shoes. I rested my feet for maybe an hour, then headed out again, this time by car.

Mission: Furniture.

This is my new patio furniture, nicely on sale at K-Mart, and EXACTLY what I had been hoping to find. Everything folds up for easy storage on the off-season.

It had been sort of tough to really use the patio with no furniture, so I look forward to spending time out here for the next few months now.

New coffee table. It's actually an anitque child's table, but it's just right in fron of my couch. I had been missing a flat surface since I put my tablecloth-covered plastic tubs away. I'm currently using it to type this.

The leaves fold down, so it's versatile as well.

Okay, need to go walk some more, since I was just invited to dinner.

I'll try to post more often (the new DSL connection should help that). I need to show my pitiful progress on CeCe. I'm enjoying the knit, but I have no attention span lately either.

Happy weekend.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Hey Faith...its good to hear from you! You have been missed...Theresa, Chesco SnB :-)


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