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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I am between assignments right now, so I am home. A lot. I resent having to pay nearly three dollars a gallon for gas just because the market will bear it, so I only drive every couple of days, if that.

Last week was just too hot to move, so I didn't, except to go to Ebbie's to enjoy A/C a couple of evenings. Yes, I now live in an unairconditioned third floor walkup. Today's not so bad, there's a nice breeze.

I'm not making any money, so I'm trying not to spend much. This means I passed on Chesco SnB's KAL. They look as though they will have fun, though.

It's been another month between posts. I keep thinking about it, but never feel like I actually have anything to say. Today I decided to forget that little detail and post anyway.



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