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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I walked to work and home again today, then inhaled half a dozen (or so) Christmas cookies as soon as I got home. But, hey, I got nearly three-and-a-half miles in today. So...3 down, 97 to go...

Of course, I have to drive tomorrow because my work day will last an indeterminate amount of time (working against a HUGE deadline, and things just aren't falling into place as they should be -- but I still LOVE this assignment) and I don't want to walk across town alone after the sun has set. And I need to go get T-pins so that I can block Branching Out. I finished the knitting on it this weekend, but my pins are MIA, so I need to get some. I thought about going tonight, but it didn't feel right to get in the car when I got home after avoiding using it during the day.

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