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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Blue Week Already

Yesterday I could have titled it "Blue Monday" but I wasn't up for posting. We lost a freshman student to a car accident over the weekend. We're a small school, so it makes quite an impact, especially when her parents come in. I didn't actually see her parents, but I saw her friends crying in the halls. She lived a couple hours away, so we're having a memorial service for her Thursday morning.

I've had trouble concentrating at work as a result of this, I just keep thinking about her family, especially her parents. She was on her way home, probably nearly there, when it happened. She had just turned 19 last month.

As far as knitting, I did the heel flap up to the turning on my mom's sock, but haven't sat down with the math yet, can't focus. Still chipping away at decrease rows on Big Sack, and finished the ribbing on the cuff of my second sock. Maybe work on some of it tonight, don't know for sure though.

I will definitely be ready for my getaway when Friday rolls around. Of course, the weather is about to turn. It's been lovely for several days -- sunny, snow melting, etc.-- but it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, then change to snow on Thursday and possibly Friday. What was that about heading north in February? Oh, well, I have all day Friday to get there, I can leave early and take it nice and slow if necessary.

I think I've determined that my sleep problems are due to work stress. I don't wake up nearly as often on nights after which there is no work day. Still waking up every couple of hours Sunday through Thursday; still don't know what to do about it.

Once again, I've decided that I hate my clothes. I went to TJ Maxx after work and found nothing I wanted, or at least not at the price I wanted to pay. Actually, there was a rust-colored merino turtleneck that I did like, but there was a small hole at a noticeable place, so I had to pass. I need someone to dress me.


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