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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Okay, so I did really well for just over a week, then dropped off the map, but that's not terribly surprising, is it? I'm not entirely sure what happened, just life, I guess. I needed to recover from the project that ended the day of my last post.

I finished Branching Out and gave it to my mom, she really liked it. The blocking job was only okay, I don't seem to have the patience for that part of the process.

I made myself one mitten, but I'm not entirely happy with it, and the second one is stalled on the cuff.

I started Bejeweled in one of the yarns I got at Maryland, but it looked too much like a tongue so I ripped it out and started it again in some lilac (color 89) Plymouth Galway. It's going much better. I'm going to donate it to a charity auction in the spring, because lilac is not one of my colors at all, and I like to donate something to them every year.

I've started a pair of worsted weight socks for a friend. You'd think they'd fly, right? Well, my friend has size 12 guy feet, so even at a larger gauge, it's still a lot of sock. I think I'm 15cm into 25cm of the first leg (he lives in Germany and gave me leg height in cm, so I figured I'd go with it). Oh, did I mention I decided to do them in 3x1 rib? But he's looking forward to getting them and I'm glad I can make them for him, so lots and lots of socks it is, even if they are brown...

A sinus infection has had me in its grips for a week and a half, though I think I'm coming out on the other side now. For me, sinus infection always means a hacking lung-based cough, always.

Mostly, though, I've been anxious. Just generally, about almost anything. Which is probably why I haven't posted for nearly a month...who knew?

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At 11:14 AM, Blogger rachael said...

Oh, I hate that anxious feeling -- I hope you feel better soon.....


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