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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Overwhelm Update

The new assignment is going well, not earthshattering work, but steady, so good.

Packing is still not really happening, though small loads have been trickling to the new space (mostly yarn or potential yarn).

I've had people tromping through my space fairly regularly over the past couple of weeks, twice when I've been home. Not crazy about it, but I know the landlord needs to get it rented again. I boggle at COUPLES looking at it, I can't imagine living here with another person. Then again, I'm about to move in with my boyfriend (and another roommate) and we'll all have our own rooms, and I'm not concerned about it in terms of the relationship. I like my space.

May have finally gotten past my Jaywalker problems, ripped back to where I had made mistakes and am making my way to where I was, error-free so far.

Fighting a cold, coughed my head off/lungs out for about four days, but today was better. Not saying I am better (that would be asking for it), but today was less miserable.

There are women who knit together in the park where I eat my lunch. I haven't gotten the nerve yet to go over and talk to them. Today one was working on a sock, one was displaying what appeared to be a sock yarn mitered square blanket, and I couldn't tell what the third was working on, but she'd made decent progress since last week (she was carrying her project in a MDS&W tote bag).

That is all.

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