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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thank You

Thanks for all of the nice comments on the V-neck, I really appreciated all of them. I still haven't started CeCe, I haven't gotten the smaller of the two needles yet. It'll probably happen on Friday, because tomorrow I'm finally getting a dresser! I paid for it yesterday, and my dad is going to pick it up for me after work tomorrow and a couple of friends are coming to help get it up the fire escape.

It isn't that big, but I know that I wouldn't be able to keep a good grip on it, and I'd rather have a couple of thirty-somethings do the lifting than make my dad do it, if at all possible. He certainly can, but he shouldn't have to.

By this time tomorrow, I should have clothes in drawers and out of the suitcase and box, the anticipation makes me positively giddy!

I finally got my paper recycling out of the house, and broke down the last of the empty boxes to put out with it. That also made a huge difference.

There are still more things I'd like to get or do in terms of getting the house in order, but it's feeling better all the time.

Apparently one of these things should be a full length mirror for the landing where I keep my shoes and jackets, because this morning I put the wrong shoes on (the sort of beat up flats I wear on Fridays and weekends, rather than the heels I wear with dress pants) and didn't realize it until I was most of the way to work and too far from home to turn around and change! It was not a good look, so I definitely need to pay attention on my way out the door tomorrow.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I finished my Knitting Pure and Simple v-neck top this morning. I love it. I need to take photos, but the weather today has been changeable. Maybe I'll try the bathroom mirror approach in a bit...ETA: Okay, not the most flattering photos ever, but I've never claimed to be photogenic. Gives you a decent idea of what the top looks like, though, so I guess it's okay.

I didn't mind the acres of stockinette, it was a relaxing, mindless knit for me, which was what I have needed recently.

I did make some modifications: I shortened the body, because I have a short torso, and I shortened the sleeves, because I didn't want sleeves to my elbows.

I wore it today and it's really comfortable. I have a feeling that I'll wear it a lot.

There are several skeins of the cotton fleece left over, I think I'm going to use them to make Cece. More spring green than I know what to do with, but that's okay. Of course, first I have to buy the needles because I don't have the right lengths. I never have the right lengths, or never remember if I do. I seriously need a better handle on my knitting needle inventory!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Things You'll Probably See Eventually

I have photos of the following things, but I need to locate my camera cord, and I have no idea how long the upload will take on dialup, so actual images will have to wait:

Flowers -- I was playing around with my pseudomacro setting.

Ferris Wheel -- I went on one yesterday at the carnival up the street, and had more fun than I should probably admit.

Fireworks -- I watched them from my turret window and played with my camera settings again.

I pretty much always carry a notebook with me, and today I splurged a bit and got myself a pocket-sized Moleskine squared notebook. The first piece of information to go in it was directions to MDS&W.

Yes, I am heading down to Maryland tomorrow, I'm hoping to meet up with other bloggers, take some photos, and possibly buy a bit of yarn. I'm not in the market for much right now, but if something catches my fancy, I won't necessarily say no.

Hope to see you tomorrow!