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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Return of Intermittent Blogger

Yes, I am slinking back into view. The problem with coming back to the blog after having not posted for over two months, is that so much has happened, and I feel guilty for not getting around to posting, and I've put off posting because of not knowing where to start and the guilt of not keeping up.

A (Less-Than) Brief Rundown:

The move has happened and it is good. I finally feel settled, I like my space, the three of us have good chemistry.

The temp assignment continues, but it is becoming wearing. I have a head for numbers, but have no intention of pursing a career using that particular ability. I turned down full-time employment, so I figure my days may soon be numbered (except that I'm efficient and good at what I'm doing, so they may put off hiring for a while...)

There are a couple of other interesting part-time employment prospects on the horizon, one especially interesting to knitters, but nothing is for sure, so I'll leave well enough alone.

I've begun dancing around writing again. I was really stressed out about it for a while, but the urge is returning, and I'm trying to heed it.

I've finished knitting the modified Lace Ribbon with my souvenir yarn from Santa Cruz. I still need to weave in ends and block, but that should surprise no one. I like the way it looks so far, but in a worsted merino blend, it is definitely a cooler weather scarf. It's really long, which is cool, and will probably grow in the blocking.

I've begun CeCe again and I think it is going better than it was before. I'm almost back to pre-frog territory (I can tell because the yarn wound around the outside of the center pull ball is almost gone), whee! However, it has already been put aside in favor of another project.

I am making a Baby Surprise Jacket for lovely friends expecting their first child. I ordered and received Knitting Workshop to get a copy of the pattern. I was a bit concerned about what I was getting myself into at first, but the further I get into it, and the more I study the diagram, the more sense it makes to me -- I now think I'm going to be fine. I'm using yard sale/thrift shop wool in brown, beige, and robin's egg blue. It'll be interesting to see how my choice of striping patterns turns out when it's all folded and seamed.

As I work the pattern, I'm also reading bits and pieces of the book and finding it interesting. I'll likely give the ribwarmer a try at the very least. I've been wanting to get an EZ book for ages, but could never find one in person, so finally broke down and ordered one online.

For my birthday (nearly a month ago!!) we went to Saint Peter's Village (I swear they used to have an actual website, but it appears to have been hijacked by advertisers) for the day. It was completely relaxing and enjoyable. We packed a picnic, ate on a rock out in the water in the shade, did some rock-hopping on huge boulders, had a beer at the inn, and I had a really decadent piece of cake at the bakery, since I wasn't planning on a birthday cake, per se (turns out I got one a couple of weeks later, courtesy of my sister). I'd like to go back and explore some more, it's only an hour's drive through lovely countryside -- a reminder of what most of Lancaster County used to look like.

I am very slow at it, but am having a great time corresponding with a pen pal I met through Ravelry (Hi J. -- letter in the mail, finally!). I love writing letters the old fashioned way, but it takes me forever to sit down and begin them. I need to change that before my new friend gives up on me completely.

Well, that got a bit long, I do go on at times, I suppose.

Enough for tonight, tired, haven't done any knitting tonight, yet, inexplicably decided to make stove top popcorn at 11:00 pm (wasn't very good, popcorn may be too old, may have had wrong oil/heat/corn ratios).

Good night, be well, enjoy your weekends, and thank you for hanging in there, those of you who have.

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